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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Sault Ste Marie

To beat the Ontario summer heat while maintaining an affordable energy bill, partner with the professional team at Wardlaw Heating & Cooling for your air conditioning maintenance in Sault Ste Marie. With 24/7 emergency services, our qualified and experienced air conditioning specialists can help you get back to enjoying a comfortable, cool home in no time.

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What maintenance does air conditioning need?

Your air conditioning unit consists of many different parts that require maintenance throughout the year to ensure it can perform optimally without using excessive amounts of energy. Generally speaking, homeowners should have their air conditioning unit serviced at least once a year, especially during the summer months. Typical air conditioner maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning out or changing your a/c unit’s filter from dust, hair, dirt, and other debris that collects throughout the year.
  • Cleaning around your a/c unit’s coils to minimize the build-up of dust, hair, dirt, and other debris.
  • Checking your thermostat accuracy.
  • Ensuring all motors are oiled and operating correctly.
  • Measuring the airflow of your air conditioning unit.
  • Ensuring the refrigerant of your air conditioner is working correctly.
  • Checking your home’s window seals to ensure cool air cannot escape through cracks.

Does Your AC Need Maintenance? Know the Warning Signs

Maintaining your home’s appliances can be difficult when you don’t know what signs you’re looking for. This, unfortunately, can leave you blindsided by unexpected repairs that could have otherwise been avoided. Therefore, if you’re wondering whether your air conditioning unit needs maintenance, here are some warning signs you can look out for around your home

  • Even though your air conditioning unit’s thermostat says it’s a specific temperature throughout your home, it definitely doesn’t feel like it.
  • Your air conditioning unit turns off and on at random times.
  • Your air conditioning unit is blowing out warm air rather than chilled air throughout your home.
  • You and your family are experiencing an increase in allergy-like symptoms such as stuffy noses and scratchy throats.
  • While your air conditioning unit is blowing out air, the airflow is weak and ineffective at cooling your home.
  • Your air conditioning unit is making weird noises as it operates.
  • There is a weird smell emulating from your air conditioning unit as it operates.
  • There is water leaking around and out of your air conditioning unit.
  • Not enough humidity is being removed from your air while your air conditioning unit operates.
  • Your monthly energy bill cost has increased significantly in the last couple of months.

Have you noticed any of these signs with your air conditioning unit? If so, give us a call today so we can diagnose the problem and repair your air conditioning unit as soon as possible!

How often should air conditioning be serviced?

As a rule of thumb, homeowners with in-house air conditioning units should service their system at least twice a year. Ideally, you will want to aim to book your air conditioning service in the fall and spring. This will help ensure that your unit is working optimally at all times throughout the year. However, if you cannot commit to two service appointments a year, it is recommended that you service your air conditioning unit in the spring so it will be up and running for the warmer weather that is to come.

Furthermore, by staying up to date on your home’s air conditioning maintenance, you can save yourself the trouble of dealing with unexpected repair costs later down the line, which could have been avoided if they were diagnosed and fixed immediately. Therefore, homeowners should view servicing their air conditioning unit as a proactive task that, when left to professionals, can be stress-free and efficient.

How do I know if my air conditioner needs recharging?

In-home air conditioning units are powered by a refrigerant system that captures the warm air within your home before transferring it outside to cool your space. However, if this refrigerant substance is lower, then it is likely that your a/c unit is not operating as optimally as it should. Some signs that can indicate this refrigerant is low include:

  • A significant increase in your monthly energy bill.
  • Your air conditioning is always running, but your home never feels cool.
  • The vents around your home are blowing out warm air rather than cool air.
  • There is ice build-up around your air conditioning unit’s refrigerant line.
  • Your air conditioning unit is making a hissing noise.

For all your air conditioning maintenance needs in Sault Ste Marie, Wardlaw Heating & Cooling team is here to help. Book a free consultation with our technicians today and get back to enjoying your home.

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