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*$0 Diagnostic Fee with Completed Repair. CALL NOW 249-493-0139

Pipe Repair Sault Ste Marie

Even the tiniest problematic pipe can lead to big, expensive, time-consuming headaches down the road. Water damage is no joke, and it can start with just one uncooperative part of your plumbing system that’s usually out of sight and out of mind.
When pipe problems arise, the plumbing professionals at Wardlaw Heating & Cooling have a range of solutions to help you avoid paying big bucks for serious property damage or the loss of items that are irreplaceable. Whether it’s a spring-cleaning inspection after a long winter, a simple checkup in the middle of summer, or part of your prep for the infamous Sault Ste Marie, Ontario cold, we make sure your pipes can handle it all.
If you think your pipes aren’t working as they should, call us right away!

Residential Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance in Sault Ste Marie

The professional plumbers from Wardlaw Heating and Cooling are available for plumbing repair work and regular maintenance services in Sault Ste Marie year round. Dealing with a plumbing emergency? Same-day emergency repairs are available year round.
Planning kitchen and bathroom renovations? Thinking of a hot water tank installation or water purification system? Schedule a consultation with a home comfort advisor to learn more about our installation services and models we offer along with our discounts and financing options.
All consultations include a complimentary quote!

Why Choose Wardlaw for Your Plumbing Repair

Wardlaw Heating and Cooling is a plumbing company with over 40 years of residential plumbing experience. We’ve partnered with thousands of homeowners over the years throughout the city of Sault Ste Marie and the surrounding neighbourhoods.
Our plumbers are well-equipped with the expertise and skills needed to take on any plumbing job, whether repairs like leaky faucets, running toilets, maintenance, or renovations you may be looking for! We know first-hand that all homes and homeowners are different, which is why we’re dedicated to tailoring your appointment to your unique plumbing needs.
No project is too large or complex for our plumbers, so you can rest assured knowing your property is in good hands!

How do I fix a leaky pipe without replacing it?

To repair a leaky pipe without replacing it, an experienced plumber may use clamps, epoxy putty, or pipe repair tape.
Just keep in mind that these temporary fixes can provide a short-term solution to stop the leak, but it’s crucial that you monitor the repaired area and plan for a permanent repair or replacement in the future.

How can a leaking outdoor drain pipe be repaired?

To repair a leaking outdoor drain pipe, a plumber will start by identifying the source of the leak. Then, they will likely clean the area around the leak and apply a waterproof sealant or epoxy resin to the damaged area. If the leak is at a joint, they will tighten or replace the fittings to ensure a tight seal.
On the other hand, if your outdoor drain has more extensive damage, they may recommend using a pipe repair clamp. Once the plumbing repairs have been completed, a plumber may suggest booking regular maintenance and inspections to identify any future leaks earlier and prevent further damage from happening in the first place.

How can a broken outside water pipe be fixed?

To repair a broken outside water pipe, a plumber will first shut off the main water supply to prevent further leaks from happening as the plumbing service is underway.
Next, they will dig up the area around the broken pipe to expose the damaged section. Once they have access to the broken pipe, they will cut out the damaged portion and replace it with a new section of pipe, before ensuring a watertight seal. Once the plumbing services are complete, they will fill in the area and test the repaired pipe for leaks.
Depending on your unique plumbing needs, they may also suggest insulating the outdoor pipes and drains around your Sault Ste Marie property to prevent future damage from happening.

How long does it take to repair a pipe?

The time it takes to repair a pipe in your Sault Ste Marie house will depend on numerous factors. Here’s a closer look:

Type of damage and its severity

Small problems like minor leaks or cracks likely require minimal time to fix, often within an hour or two. However, more severe damage, such as a burst pipe or extensive corrosion, will likely call for more complex services.

How easily plumbers can access the pipe

The location of the damaged pipe within your house’s plumbing system can also impact repair time. Pipes located in areas that are easily accessible, such as under sinks, in bathrooms, or in basements, can likely be fixed more quickly than those behind walls, under floors, or in ceilings.

The type of repair needed

Simple repairs like tightening loose parts will require less time than having to install new piping which is an example of more advanced plumbing services.

The experience of the plumber

The skill and experience of the plumber performing the repair can also affect how long the repair process takes.

The availability of replacement parts

The availability of parts, such as replacement pipes, fittings, and sealing materials, can impact the repair time. If specific materials need to be ordered, it may prolong the residential repair process in your Sault Ste Marie home.

What’s the best way to fix a broken pipe?

If you’re dealing with broken pipes in your house, it’s highly recommended that you book a repair appointment with professional plumbers in the Sault Ste Marie area, like the ones from Wardlaw.
Broken plumbing can lead to significant water leaks and damage throughout your home if not repaired correctly and swiftly. And in most cases, DIY repairs can lead to further damages that can lead to devastating results.
Therefore, if you’re dealing with any type of plumbing problem within your home, whether it be clogged drains, a leaking pipe, drain cleaning, frozen pipes, or other residential plumbing problems, it’s best to leave the project to an experienced plumber who not only knows what they are doing, but also has the correct tools needed to perform the plumbing services correctly.
Trust us, working with local plumbers will save you time and money in the long run.

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"We love Wardlaw! We purchased a hot water tank and a furnace at our previous residence and had fantastic service. We recently purchased a new home and had a wall furnace and hot water tank installed here. The service is above and beyond! We can’t say enough good things about Wardlaw! Thank you all for your amazing work and dedication! We recommend this company 200%!!"

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"My experience with Wardlaw Heating and Cooling was beyond 5 stars (again). Their Comfort Advisor (Steve F.) was helpful and knowledgeable. Using his expertise the best product was purchased to fit my need. Steve continues to support my questions and that is what you call “service after the sale”. Their Installers (Norm N. and Kevin W.) did an awesome job installing the product and were very informative.
Thank you again Wardlaw!!"

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What Homeowners Say About Us

"We love Wardlaw! We purchased a hot water tank and a furnace at our previous residence and had fantastic service. We recently purchased a new home and had a wall furnace and hot water tank installed here. The service is above and beyond! We can’t say enough good things about Wardlaw! Thank you all for your amazing work and dedication! We recommend this company 200%!!"

Dorothy Crosson - Google Review

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