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*$0 Diagnostic Fee with Completed Repair. CALL NOW 249-493-0139

Who Needs a Protection Plan Anyway

Oct 21, 2021 | By  Right Time

We thought we would skip the furnace protection plan, my husband and I, when we purchased our first home.  We were young and poor, we thought.  What could happen, we thought?

What happened, exactly, was the need to replace the most expensive part of our furnace—out of pocket.

The furnace guy seemed sorry to have to charge us—but was quick to point out that it would have been covered under the furnace protection plan.  We were sorry to be out a tidy sum of cash.

So, who needs a Protection Plan—and what are the benefits?  Read on to learn if you should opt into a Protection Plan.

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Do I Need a Furnace Protection Plan?

Unless your furnace is brand new, under warranty and fully covered for all parts and labour, then yes, you should invest in a Furnace Protection Plan.

What Is the Consequence of Not Having a Protection Plan?

The consequence of not having a Furnace Protection Plan is having to pay out of your pocket for an expensive replacement part.

A homeowner in this situation might be forced to weigh whether to purchase an expensive part for their older furnace, or purchase a new furnace outright.

Both options are unappealing, costly and the added expense might come at an inopportune time.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Protection Plan?

There are many benefits of having a Furnace Protection Plan, which should save you money and afford you peace of mind.  Read on for the benefits.

Energy & Home Heating Cost Savings

The most persuasive benefit of our Furnace Protection Plan is not having to pay out of pocket for an expensive replacement part‡ should your furnace break down or malfunction unexpectedly (Just Right! Protection Plan Plus, see details).

For many homeowners, avoiding an expensive and unexpected repair cost is reason enough to invest in a Protection Plan that offers long-term savings.

Early Detection of Furnace Problems

Included in your Furnace Protection Plan is a 21-point furnace inspection, which checks all essential aspects of your furnace.

A technician will come out to your home to perform preventative maintenance on any problematic parts of your furnace, helping you save time and money in the long-term.

The technician will advise you on any further maintenance and repairs that might be required in the future, so you are not blindsided.

By catching problems early on, you might be able to avoid an early and expensive furnace replacement, (which actually happened to me).

Improved Furnace Efficiency

A well-maintained furnace is an efficient furnace.  And an efficient furnace means keeping your heating bills down in the winter, which of course saves you money.

Would you notice that your blower motor is not working optimally?  Or the return air filter is clogged and causing a spike in deadly carbon monoxide?

Or worst of all, would you notice if your pilot light were a dangerous yellow and not the usual blue flame (another warning sign of high levels of CO)?

When you invite us into your home, we care for your furnace and ensure it is in excellent working condition—so you save money, have peace of mind and do not have to fuss with your furnace.

Protection Plans: Worth the Peace of Mind!

To sum up, we highly recommend that you invest in a Furnace Protection Plan in most scenarios.  Benefits of such a plan include long-term cost-savings (not paying out of pocket for an expensive furnace replacement part), early problem detection and furnace efficiency.

All these benefits taken together make our Furnace Protection Plan a worthwhile investment that should save you money in the long-term.

Interested in learning more about our Furnace Protection Plans?  Contact a Home Comfort Advisor near you and we’ll get you set up today!

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