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*$0 Diagnostic Fee with Completed Repair. CALL NOW 249-493-0139

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Wardlaw Heating & Cooling is here to help residential homeowners maximize their energy efficiency in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, for all your heating needs. Our professional team consists of experienced, qualified technicians who are available around the clock, 24-hours a day, to provide emergency services whenever you need us.

Call the team at Wardlaw Heating & Cooling directly or book a free home consultation for more information on how we can help with your home’s heating in Sault Ste Marie today.

What to expect during a furnace Installation?

At Wardlaw Heating & Cooling, we strive to make our installation processes as smooth as possible so homeowners can get back to their regular routine in no time. When partnering with our professional and experienced technicians, you can expect an efficient and thorough, stress-free installation. When arriving at your home, a qualified and licensed technician will remove your old furnace to make from for the new one you have purchased.

Once the old furnace has been safely removed and deposited outside of your home, they will work to ensure your new heating system is installed correctly and safely by connecting it to the duct system and ventilation pipes. Lastly, once all connection points have been sealed, your technician will connect your new furnace to its gas or electrical power supply before testing it to ensure everything is working correctly.

How does a furnace Work?

A furnace is a home heating system that functions by pushing heated air into ducts installed throughout your home to provide heat to each room through air vents. Your furnace can either be powered by natural gas, fuel oil, or electricity. Depending on the size of your home, along with other factors, your home’s furnace size will directly influence how much energy it takes to adequately heat and maintain your home’s temperature regardless of what the weather is like outside. Therefore, it is essential that homeowners have the proper furnace installed to ensure they can maximize their energy efficiency each month.

How can we help you find the right furnace?

Choosing the right furnace system for your home is key to ensuring it can efficiently heat each space with the least amount of energy. For example, a furnace that is too large for your home will be:

  • Less energy efficient
  • Have a shorter lifespan
  • Need more repairs over the years
  • Warm some areas of your home too quickly before shutting off and leaving other rooms in your home freezing

On the other hand, a furnace that is too small for your home will:

  • Be unable to heat your home in cooler temperatures.
  • Have uneven heating throughout your home
  • Lead to higher energy bills as you will need to use your furnace for longer to attempt to make your home a comfortable temperature

Therefore, with the help of our professional technicians, we’ll help you find the right-size furnace for your home relative to:

  • The square footage of each space
  • The age of your home
  • How many windows you have
  • The ceiling height
  • The type of ductwork you have
  • The number of floors on your property
  • Your home’s exposure to the sun

By considering these factors, we can provide you with recommendations that will help you maximize your energy efficiency and heat your home to a comfortable temperature with ease.

Have you considered changing your furnace?

No matter how well you maintain your home’s furnace throughout the years, as it gets older, its ability to efficiently heat your home and keep each room at a comfortable temperature diminishes greatly. Generally speaking, your home’s furnace system can last anywhere between 10 to 15 years before needing to be replaced entirely.

However, homeowners should begin searching for a new system around the 10-year mark and consider replacing their system altogether, as it can end up costing you more in the long run on your monthly energy bill than it will to make an upfront investment that will pay itself off over time. Therefore, if you have begun questioning whether it is time to replace your furnace system, the best thing you can do is contact a professional company in Sault Ste Marie for more information.

How do you tell if your furnace is going bad?

Sometimes, it can be challenging to know when your home appliances aren’t working as they should until the damage is already done, especially if you don’t know what it is you’re exactly looking for. This can not only end up costing you more money in repairs, but it can also lead to unanticipated damages. Therefore, if you’re unsure whether there’s something wrong with your furnace, here are some signs to look out for that can indicate damage:

  • Your furnace will not turn on at all
  • If you have a gas-powered furnace, you may notice the piolet light is discolored (emitting a yellow color rather than a blue)
  • You are having difficulties maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home.
  • Strange noises such as rattling, clicking, humming, banging, and squealing are coming from your furnace when it is on.
  • You notice your furnace has poor airflow.
  • Your furnace is over 10 – 15 years old.
  • Your monthly energy bill has increased significantly in the past couple of months.
  • There is a strange odor coming from your furnace.
  • As hard as you try, you can never keep a stable temperature throughout your home, causing you to constantly adjust your thermostat.
  • You or a family member may be experiencing unexplained health concerns such as flu-like symptoms and headaches.
  • The air in your home is extremely dry and dusty.
  • Your furnace blower motor is always working.

Have you noticed any of these signs throughout your home? If the answer is yes, then it may be time to look into getting your home’s furnace system replaced. For all residential problems with heating in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, call the professional team at Wardlaw Heating & Cooling today or book a free consultation online for more information.

The Wardlaw Difference

  • 4 Decades of Experience: Wardlaw has been serving the Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma area since 1981. Over the years we have become the area’s furnace installation experts.
  • Guaranteed Comfort: We don’t just strive to make your home more comfortable, we guarantee it. Every job we do is backed by a We Respect You™ guarantee.
  • Certified Expertise: We stand behind our work and our people. All our technicians undergo background checks and extensive training to become Right Time™ certified.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We know that 70% of HVAC issues are due to improper installation. We committed to preventing these issues in the first place with expert furnace installation.

Our Guarantees

We stand behind our people and our work, so much so that we guarantee it. For up to 2 years from the day we install your furnace, we will repair, replace, or refund whatever necessary until you are 100% satisfied.

Why Choose Us?


No Loopholes™

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for up to 2 years from the furnace installation date. No loopholes, guaranteed.


No Hassles™

We’ll cover the repairs within 24-hours if your furnace breaks down within 2 years of installation, or give you $1,000 for your troubles. Same Day Repairs, No hassles, guaranteed.


Just Right™

We’ll make it right if your furnace is too hot or too cold, including a complete replacement if necessary. Just right, guaranteed.


We Respect You™

We’ll keep your home clean and damage-free, or you’ll get our full, 5-year Just Right™ Check Up Protection Plan for free. We respect you, guaranteed.

What Homeowners Say About Wardlaw

"We love Wardlaw! We purchased a hot water tank and a furnace at our previous residence and had fantastic service. We recently purchased a new home and had a wall furnace and hot water tank installed here. The service is above and beyond! We can’t say enough good things about Wardlaw! Thank you all for your amazing work and dedication! We recommend this company 200%!!"

Dorothy Crosson - Google Review

"My experience with Wardlaw Heating and Cooling was beyond 5 stars (again). Their Comfort Advisor (Steve F.) was helpful and knowledgeable. Using his expertise the best product was purchased to fit my need. Steve continues to support my questions and that is what you call “service after the sale”. Their Installers (Norm N. and Kevin W.) did an awesome job installing the product and were very informative.
Thank you again Wardlaw!!"

Anthony Mannarino - Google Review

Genuine Service

All our installations are backed by guarantees to leave you happy in your home.

Fast & Reliable

We offer true twenty-four-hour service, same day repair, with no additional charges on holidays or after hours.

Tried & True

We have over 40 years of experience in serving local homes and families.

Certified Expertise

All of our technicians go through extensive training and background checks.

Friendly Faces

Locally based and operated, we appreciate our role in our community.

Real Reviews

We have a 4.4 star rating on Google and an 89% rating on HomeStars.

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What Homeowners Say About Us

"We love Wardlaw! We purchased a hot water tank and a furnace at our previous residence and had fantastic service. We recently purchased a new home and had a wall furnace and hot water tank installed here. The service is above and beyond! We can’t say enough good things about Wardlaw! Thank you all for your amazing work and dedication! We recommend this company 200%!!"

Dorothy Crosson - Google Review

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